Arrowmax ACDM1-K2 Cable Connector from Motorola Dual Pin to Kenwood Dual Pin

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The ArrowMax ACDM1-K2 adapter is designed to facilitate the use of audio accessories that are originally intended for Motorola two-way radios with Kenwood radios that have a 2-Pin plug.
  • The adapter is compatible with various Kenwood radio models, including but not limited to: NX-1200DV, NX-1300DU, NX-1200NV, NX-1300NU, NX-1200AV, NX-1300AU, NX-1202AV, NX-1302AU, NX-P1200AV, NX-P1300AU, NX-P1200NV, NX-P1300NU, NX-P1202AV, and NX-P1302AU.
  • Also suitable for Kenwood NEXEDGE NXDN/DMR radios such as NX-3220, NX-3320, and NX-3420. However, please note that the adapter is not compatible with models NX-3200, NX-3300, and NX-34200, which require a 14-pin universal connector. So, it's important to select the appropriate model based on your radio's specifications.
  • The adapter features a male Kenwood connector on one end and a female M1 connector on the other end, allowing you to connect your M1 accessories to Kenwood radios with a 2-Pin universal connector.
  • Say goodbye to the need for purchasing new accessories! With this adapter, you can utilize your current Motorola accessories with your Kenwood radio that has a 2-Pin K1 plug, eliminating the need for additional expenses.
  • Moreover, the adapter is the perfect companion for active noise reduction (ANR) or dynamic noise reduction (DNR) headphones, which are often priced higher. This can save you money and provide compatibility between different radio systems.
Fit Kenwood Radio:
  • NEXEDGE NXDN / DMR Radio Radios: NX-1200DV, NX-1300DU, NX-1200NV, NX-1300NU, NX-1200AV, NX-1300AU, NX-1202AV NX-1302AU
  • NEXEDGE NXDN: NX-220, NX-320, NX-420, NX-240, NX-240V, NX-340, NX-340U, NX-248, NX-348
  • On Site Business Radio: NX-P1200AV, NX-P1300AU, NX-P1200NV, NX-P1300NU, NX-P1202AV, NX-P1302AU
  • NEXEDGE NXDN / DMR Radio Radios: NX-3220, NX-3320, NX-3420 (Please be aware that model NX-3200, NX-3300, NX-34200 are not compatible. Kindly select the model with 14-pin universal connector)
  • DMR Radio Portables: TK-D240, TK-D340
  • Analog Portable Radios: TK-2170, TK-3170, TK-2312, TK-3312, TK-2360, TK-3360, TK-2400V, TK-3400U, TK-2402V, TK-3402U, TK-3173
  • Amateur Radios: TH-D72A, TH-D74A, TH-D74E, TH-K20A, TH-K20E
  • License-Free PMR446 Radios: TK-3501T, TK-3501E

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