ArrowMax ADHAP5400-HR6F 6-Pin Quick Disconnect Hirose Adaptor Compatible with Harris M/A-COM P5300 P5400 P5500 P7300


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Featuring a 6-pin quick disconnect Hirose style adapter, this accessory streamlines audio accessory disconnection from the radio adapter without removing it, reducing wear on connectors.


  • Compatible with Harris M/A-COM P5300, P5400, P5500, P7300
  • Ideal for a spectrum of industries including law enforcement, production, hospitality, entertainment, and industrial sectors, offering dependable performance in professional environments.
  • Equipped with a 6-pin quick disconnect Hirose style adapter, facilitating seamless disconnection of the audio accessories from the radio adapter without the need to remove the latter, thereby minimizing wear on radio connectors.
  • Designed to be compatible with ArrowMax 6-pin accessories, facilitating swift connections for easy transitions between microphones, earpieces, headsets, or PTT cables across a variety of radios.
  • Boasts easy and secure attachment and release mechanisms, ensuring effortless switching between different accessories for enhanced convenience.

Compatibles Radio Model:

  • Harris M/A-COM P5300 P5400 P5500 P7300

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