ArrowMax AHDH0042-RD-Y2 Noise Cancelling Headset for Vertex EVX-S24 VX-270R


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Experience your long lasting comfort with these Over-Ear Headphones. Ear cups with noise reduction material and comfortable foam filled Ear pads. Durable skeletal style wire boom & sensitive microphone will picks up noise from your speaking direction.


  • Durable skeletal style and multi axis adjustable wire boom
  • Sensitive microphone will picks up noise from your speaking direction
  • Modular design?? being able to interchange and work with every 5 pins cable with or w/o PTT.
  • Over the ear metal band with overhead strap, ideal to use with safety hard hats
  • Heavy duty headset with noise isolating boom microphone with 24dB noise reduction rating

Compatibles Vertex Model:

  • Other: EVX-S24, VX-170, VX-177, VX-270

Compatibles Yaesu Model:

  • Other: VX-6E, VX-7E, VX-7R, VX-120, VX-120E, VX-127, VX-170, VX-170E, VX-177, VX-270R, VX-270E, VX-277R

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