Arrowmax APM450-K2 IP67 Waterproof Speaker Microphone for Kenwood NX-1200 NX-1300 NX-P1200 NX-P1300 NX-3320 TH-D74 TH-K20A

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The top-selling APM450 speaker microphone is built super tough to withstand heavy use in demanding environments. It is used in a broad range of applications from hotels and resorts, warehousing and distribution facilities and event staff and security organizations.


  • IP67 Speaker Microphone fit: NX-1200, NX-1300, NX-P1200, NX-P1300, NX-3320, TH-D74, TH-K20A, NX-420 NX-P1202, NX-248, NX-3300, TK-2170, TK-3360 TK-3501T, TK-3402U.
  • Achieving optimum results with our high quality components and sophisticated design.
  • Unlike others?? our Speaker Microphone strictly ENHANCE your radio functionality.
  • Crystal clear, LOUD and instantaneous transmission for your needs.
  • 360° Tightened lapel/shoulder clip, weather-proof & extreme duty designs.

Compatibles Kenwood Model:

  • NEXEDGE NXDN / DMR Radio Radios: NX-1200DV, NX-1300DU, NX-1200NV, NX-1300NU, NX-1200AV, NX-1300AU, NX-1202AV NX-1302AU
  • NEXEDGE NXDN: NX-220, NX-320, NX-420, NX-240, NX-240V, NX-340, NX-340U, NX-248, NX-348
  • On Site Business Radio: NX-P1200AV, NX-P1300AU, NX-P1200NV, NX-P1300NU, NX-P1202AV, NX-P1302AU
  • NEXEDGE NXDN / DMR Radio Radios: NX-3220, NX-3320, NX-3420 (Please be aware that model NX-3200, NX-3300, NX-34200 are not compatible. Kindly select the model with 14-pin universal connector)
  • DMR Radio Portables: TK-D240, TK-D340
  • Analog Portable Radios: TK-2170, TK-3170, TK-2312, TK-3312, TK-2360, TK-3360, TK-2400V, TK-3400U, TK-2402V, TK-3402U, TK-3173
  • Amateur Radios: TH-D72A, TH-D74A, TH-D74E, TH-K20A, TH-K20E
  • License-Free PMR446 Radios: TK-3501T, TK-3501E

 Fit Bearcom Radio:

  • Analog Portable Radios: BC200V, BC200U

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