ArrowMax CABLE-AHDH01PTT-AX 5-Pin PTT Headphone Cable for Motorola XPR3300 XiRP8600 (Fit AHDH0032/AHDH0042 Series)

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5-Pin PTT replacement cable for ArrowMax AHDH0032 Series noise isolating headphone


  • Strain-relief jacket at every corners to prevent kinks and damages
  • Click-Lock dimple to prevent from accidental slip outs
  • By utilizing this cable, you can conveniently link your AHDH0032, AHDH0033D, AHDH0042, AHDH0135 headphones to the supported radios, transforming them into effective communication accessories.
  • The integrated PTT functionality enables you to effortlessly activate the microphone, enabling clear voice transmission over the radio system.
  • The clip-on feature provides a practical solution for attaching the device to a convenient location. It allows users to secure the device onto their clothing or equipment, ensuring easy access and freedom of movement while communicating.

    Compatibles Motorola Model:

    • DEP500: DEP550, DEP570
    • DEP500e: DEP550E, DEP570E
    • Other: DP2000, DP2400, DP3441, DP2000E, DP2400E, DP2600E, DP3441E, DP3661E
    • XPR3000: XPR3300, XPR3500
    • XPR3000e: XPR3300E, XPR3500E
    • XiR P6600: XiR P6600, XiR P6620
    • XiR P6600i: XiR P6600i, XiR P6620i
    • XiR E8600: XiR E8600, XiR E8608
    • XiR E8600i: XiR E8600i, XiR E8608i
    • DGP8000e: DGP8050E, DGP8550E
    • TETRA: MTP3100, MTP3150, MTP3200, MTP3250, MTP3500, MTP3550

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