ArrowMax PCABLE-AKMKTC23M High-Quality DC Cord Power Cable for Kenwood NX700 NX800 NX5700 NX5800 NX5900 NX720 NX820 NX900 NX920 TK868G TK7160 TK8360


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The ArrowMax PCABLE-AKMKTC23M is a premium DC power cable designed to provide reliable and efficient power connectivity for a range of Kenwood and Hytera mobile radios. With its durable construction, optimal cable length, and broad compatibility, this power cable offers a seamless solution for enhanced communication performance.


  • Compatible with a wide range of Kenwood transceivers, including NX-700, NX-800, TK-762G, TK-862G, TK-980, TK-981, and more. It also works with Hytera models such as TM600, TM610, MD782, as well as Vertex Standard transceivers like VX4500 and EVX5400.
  • Rated for 15 amp service and has a blade type fuse holder, fuse, and crimp/solder wire lugs
  • Max Power: 25w~60w, Voltage: Max 13.8V, DC Current: Max 20A
  • With a convenient cable length of 3 meters, this power cable provides flexibility and ease of use, enabling you to position your radio conveniently without limitations.
  • Premium Build Quality: The cable is constructed using high-quality materials to guarantee long-lasting performance. It features a robust design that can withstand high temperatures and rugged conditions, ensuring safe and reliable operation.
Fit Kenwood Radio:
  • NX-700, NX-800, TK-762G, TK-862G, TK-863G, TK-980, TK-981, TK-6110, TK-7150, TK-8150, TK-7160, TK-8160, TK-7180, TK-8180, TK7189,  TK8189, TK-690, TK-790, TK-890, TK-5710, TK-5810 & TK-5910, TKR-750
Fit Hytera Radio:
  • TM600 TM610 TM800 TM810 MD622I MD652I MD780 MD782 MD785 MD788
Fit Vertex Standard Radio:
  • X4500 VX-4600 EVX5300 EVX5400

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