ArrowMax AK1R0043-120 KSC-43 Rapid Charger for Kenwood KNB-29N KNB-45 KNB-53N KNB-63L TH-K20E TH-K40E

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OEM Charger: KSC-43
This charger charges OEM Batteries: KNB-29N, KNB-45L, KNB-53N, KNB-63L, KNB-65L
We also sell the replacement battery for this charger (Battery Part#: AKCL0045-1700-D and AKCM0029-1600-D)

Compatible Radio Model

  • Kenwood TK-D240V, TK-D340U, TK-2400VP, TK-3400UP, TK-2407, TK-3407, NX-240M, NX-240M2, NX-340M2, NX-340M3, TK-2202E, TK-2206M, TK-2212M, TK-2302E, TK-2302T, TK-2306M, TK-2306NM, TK-2307M, TK-2312E, TK-2406M, TK-2406ME, TK-2407M, TK-3202E, TK-3206M, TK-3206M3, TK-3212M, TK-3301E, TK-3301T, TK-3302E, TK-3302E3, TK-3302T, TK-3306M3, TK-3306NM, TK-3306NM3, TK-3307M2, TK-3312E, TK3401DE, TK-34001DT, TK-3406M2, TK-3407M2
  • Kenwood TK-2200, TK-2207, TK-2212L, TK-2300, TK-2307, TK-2312, TK-3200, TK-3202, TK-3207, TK-3212L, TK-3300, TK-3302, TK-3307, TK-3312, TK-3313, NX-240M, NX-240M2, NX-340M2, NX-340M3, TK-2202E, TK-2302E, TK-2302T, TK-2312E, TK-2317M, TK-2317M2, TK-2406M, TK-2406ME, TK-2407M, TK-3201 Version2, TK-3202E, TK-3206M3, TK-3301E, TK-3301T, TK-3302E, TK-3302E3, TK-3302T, TK-3302E, TK-3312E, TK-3317M2, TK-3317M4, TK-3401DE, TK-3401DT, TK-3406M2, TK-3407M2, TK-D240E, TK-D340E, TK-2312, TK-D240V, TK-D340U, TK-2400V, TK-3400U, TK-2400VP, TK-3400UP

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