ArrowMax APCRS232-KR22M46 RS232 Serial Port Programming Cable for Kenwood as KPG-46U/KPG-22


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  • RS232 serial port programming cable for Motorola Two Way Radio as KPG-46U and KPG-22
  • No RIB Box Required


Related Parts#:RPC-K2-8, KPG-22, KPG-4 2 Pin Plug Compatible Model

  • Kenwood ProTalk Radio: TK-2400VP, TK-3400UP, TK-3230DX
  • Kenwood NEXEDGE Digital: NX-220, NX-240, NX-248, NX-320, NX-340, NX-348, NX-420, NX-240V, NX-340U, NX-3220, NX-3320
  • Kenwood Portable: TK-2170, TK-2312, TK-3312, TK-3170, TK-3173, TK-2360, TK-3360, NX-3220, NX-3320, TK-D240, TK-D240V, TK-D340, TK-D340U, TK-2402V, TK-3402U, TK-2400V, TK-3400U, TH-D72A, TH-D74A, TH-K20A, TK-5410D
  • EU Kenwood Radio: TK-2000E, TK-2302E, TK-2360E, TK-3000E, TK-3302E, TK-3360E, TK-3401DE, TK-3501E, TH-D74E, TH-K20E, TH-K40E, NEXEDGE: NX-220E, NX-220E2, NX-220E3, NX-320E, NX-320E2, NX-320E3, NX-3220E, NX-3220E2, NX-3220E3, NX-3320E, NX-3320E2, NX-3320E3

8 Pin Compatible Model

  • Kenwood KDS-100, NX-700, NX-700E, NX-700HK, NX-700K, NXB-710, NXR-710, NX-800, NX-800E, NX-800HK, NX-800HK2, NX-800K, NX-800K2, NX-900, NXB-810, NXR-800K3, NXR-7100, NXR-810
  • Kenwood TK-760, TK-760G, TK-762, TK-762G, TK-763, TK-763G, TK-768, TK-768G, TK-780, TK-780G, TK-785, TK-868, TK-868G, TK-880, TK-880G, TK-885, TK-980, TK-981, TK-6110, TK-6110K, TK-6110K2, TK-7100, TK-7102, TK-7100H, TK-7102H, TK-7150, TK-7160, TK-7160E, TK-7160HM, TK-7160M, TK-7162, TK-7162E, TK-7180, TK-7180E, TK-7180E, TK-7189, TK-7189E, TK-7302, TK-7302E, TK-7302HM, TK-7302M, TK-8100, TK-8100H, TK-8102H, TK-8150, TK-8160, TK-8160E, TK-8160HM, TK-8160M,TK-8162, TK-8162E, TK-8180, TK-8180E, TK-8180E, TK-8189, TK-8189E, TK-8189E, TK-8302, TK-8302E TK-8302HK2, TK-8302M,2 TK-90

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