Tactical Bone Conduction Headset with Military PTT for Hytera HYT TC-780 TC-900 TC-850 TC-2100

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  • Relm: RP6500
  • RCA: Alpha One by RCA, BR200, BR200D, BR200D, BR300, BR300D
  • Hytera HYT: TC-446S, TC-500, TC-518, TC-600, TC-618 ,TC-620, TC-700, TC-700ExPLUS, TC-900, TC-2110 , HYT850, HYT2100 , PD412, PD502, PD562
  • Connect System Inc: CS100, CS101, CS610, CS611, CS700, CS710, CS711, CS750, CS751, CS1000, CS2000, CS3000, CS3001
  • Feidaxin: FDC-160A, FD-150A, FD-450A, FD-460A, KM150A
  • Black Box, Black Box Plus
  • Tekk: XV1000, XU1000, XU100, XV100

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